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InfoTech, headquartered in Hong Kong, was one of the city's first registered employment agencies. The company entered the Electronic Data Processing recruitment job market in 1989 when staff turnover was high due to the shortage of staff supply. InfoTech quickly established a reputation as a cost-effective and reliable source of IT talents. The introduction of these services helped to address difficulties of technical recruitment, allowing companies to tackle high staff turnover and release expensive staff without legal restraint upon completion of projects. By the time InfoTech was awarded the Tender for the Provision of IT Contract Staff Services to the Hong Kong Government in 1994, it already had an established pool of contract staff in the commercial sector. InfoTech has been providing IT contract staff services to various government bureaux and departments for more than a decade. Contract staff services fit seamlessly in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) strategies of clients. InfoTech has become a market leader in this rapidly growing sector in Hong Kong.

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InfoTech delivers value-added IT staffing services covering all levels of IT vacancies.

Permanent Staff Placement Service

The introduction, recruitment and placement of permanent IT staff was the first and the only staffing service that InfoTech delivered in the early days. InfoTech created its renowned InfoTech Multi User Candidate System (IMUCS) from this service and IMUCS is now regarded as one of the largest active IT candidate databases in the region. InfoTech has placed more IT staff in Hong Kong than any other company and offers one-stop recruitment solutions, combining knowledge and expertise in the IT job market as well as cost-effectiveness and competitiveness per hire.
Executive Search and Selection Service

The success of executive search and selection depends on understanding the needs of the specific market and the professional network, experience and competence of the headhunter. Critical factors behind the InfoTech success story are focus, professionalism, trustworthiness, efficiency and effectiveness that give clients the confidence in the company to handle sensitive senior executive assignments. InfoTech has a remarkable track record in this area of the IT job market.
Contract and Secondment Staff Service

InfoTech has been the largest IT contract staff service provider in Hong Kong since the 1990s. Contract staff are proud of InfoTech's employment terms, benefits, culture, references and branding and know the company provides more redeployment and career development opportunities than other firms. Clients have confidence in InfoTech to deliver the right staff at the right time and realize that outsourcing recruitment and human resources can bring cost savings through InfoTech's economies of scale. Clients realize recruitment and human resources are not their strength and know InfoTech is committed to delivering an effective Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model which enables them to focus on core business competencies, thus increasing Return On Investment (ROI) through the business process transformation.
Payroll Management Service

Payroll Process Outsourcing (PPO) eases the burden on clients when it comes to human resources, payroll governance and legal formalities, so that they can allocate more resources and energy to their core competencies.
Cross border and Overseas Search Service

InfoTech handles cross border and offshore assignments with confidence. Thanks to the affiliation with the National Personnel Associates (NPA)'s global recruitment network of the USA. The company has successful track records in handling cross border recruitment under the Hong Kong Government's 2001 Admission of Mainland Professionals Scheme and the subsequent 2004 Admission Scheme of Mainland Talents and Professionals.
Pay Level Analysis Service

As a market leader in IT recruitment, InfoTech researches and publishes IT pay level reports. Pay level statistics are reported on the company website and republished on most leading career portals in Hong Kong. Ad-hoc pay level and trend reports can be prepared by request and tailor-made to the individual human resources needs of corporate clients.

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