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Salary below 20K after working hard for 8 years in IT

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Thursday, 08 July 2010 11:56
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I have got degrees of BEng and MSc in Hong Kong well known university.  My academic result is not bad and the comment from my boss is good but the salary is still under 20K.  I have a chance to be promoted last year but owing to top management repositioning, my boss dared not to request.

My company is a government-owned corporation and the job is stable (layoff is seldom).  I have been worked in the company for three years in the IT Department.  At the time I came to the company, my qualification was much enough to get a higher rank but as it is a government-owned corporation, they could only offer the post they had.  I thought it was fine as I was confident to get higher rank by working hard.

However, the reality is that you are lined in a queue (in a low priority if you are a supporting staff including IT staff).  Staff in other departments can be promoted easily while in supporting departments, you need to have faith.

Staffs in IT department have long working hours.  We usually need to work during non-office hour and be standby 24 hours from Sunday to Saturday with no extra compensation.  Actually, it is fine if there are rewards.  But, top management does not know our value.  Guys of other departments in the same ranks as I are not a degree holder.  A degree holder’s entry level of other departments is in a higher rank.  It is so unfair.

Recently, I feel desperate because of office politics.  Department was divided into two groups. One will have lunch with the big boss while another will not.  I do not refuse to have lunch with the big boss but I like to have lunch with another group (because our backgrounds are similar).  Finally, I choose to have lunch with peers and so I think my promotion is impossible.

Should I change my attitude in the company (but my salary is too low, worthy?) or I should seek another job?


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