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Master's or postgraduate diploma

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Friday, 10 February 2012 15:46
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Dear Career Doctor,

I am a 2011 graduate from HKU majoring in Engineering. I am working at Big Four as a System Engineer to support a business application system. Last year, I completed HSBC summer internship which aroused my passion to embark on a career in financial and banking industry. In order to build a solid foundation and to support my career change to business sector, I consider enrolling in a Postgraduate Program in Finance.

There are two types of Postgraduate Studies – Master and Postgraduate Diploma. While Master is an advanced level of study on a specific topic which requires fundamental knowledge or a few years of working experience, Postgraduate Diploma could provide me with more general or basic knowledge. 

Instead of competing for Master, I think that CUHK Postgraduate Diploma in Global Finance is more suitable for me and I want to pave my way to MBA with this qualification and working experience. My questions are as follows:

1.    What are your recommendations for my preference for Postgraduate Diploma rather than Master?

2.    Could I apply for some graduate posts when I am studying a Postgraduate Diploma?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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