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How to say "No"

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Saturday, 01 January 2011 07:54
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Dear Doctor,

I work hard for my job but my boss thinks other way round. He said my performance cannot meet his expectation. And he has a plan. He is planning to shift me to do other jobs and relocate me to a subsidiary of my present company. But the subsidiary is just a shell company which belongs to a sub-group of the present Company. We discussed about this and I agreed the change of job nature as long as I still belong to my present company.

Now he got back to me and said the HR insisted my contract has to change to that "no-body" company. I am afraid of losing job so that I promised the transfer. And the contract has not yet signed. Doctor, Can I say "No" again (He already e-mailed other key persons said I agreed to join the small company). I would not like to transfer to the small company as I think it will affect my resume if someday I left this group company. It is because now I work for a well-known company but the small co is just a no-name company. How much power do I have? What is your advice?

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