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Which way do I go?

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011 22:13
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i am a South African that has been in the sales industry for almost 11 years. 

I moved to Hong Kong with my wife so she could further her career leaving behind the sales company that my brother and I had been growing since 2006. 

We specialized in security risk products, selling to all industries across the board from retail, pharmaceuticals, industrial,commercial, hospitality schools and more. The company does its own installations across the whole of sub Saharan Africa which needed to be managed from commissioning to hand over. I have now moved away from the company and am looking for a sales Or business development role that gives me a average to good salary. I have worked in different industries across the board understanding the different needs of different customers.

However I am finding it virtually impossible to get any opportunities and generally it's a Cantonese or mandarin problem. Are there any companies that are looking for westerners who only speak English. I have been a director and manager of the company that employs 25 people, so I know how to deal with all types of individuals from salesmen to technicians. What's out there for someone like me? It does not have to be industry specified.

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