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Where I can go?

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Friday, 29 July 2011 15:13
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Fruit Punch

Dear Doctor,

I was acting as Executive Director in a professional body for 3 years.  Due to the politics played by the board, I decided to quit my job and got another one in another professional body with same title.  I thought how lucky I am but finally found that I am treated as a secretary because the board members requested me to carry heavy seminar folders, to buy office furniture etc.  In addition, there is no room for my recommendations or suggestions, even in HR affairs of the office, I am only the executor to carry out the instruction made by board members, however, some policies I am carrying, like HR policies, are obviously impracticable.  As such having served for 3 months, I quit the job again.

Now I am at the beginning of 50, though with MBA degree, I hesitate in the career road and do not have idea where I can go.  Can Doctor give me advices?

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