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Tips on job hunting

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010 11:03
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Dear Doctor,

I am currently looking for a first job in Hong Kong.

I have a 1+ year experience in Advertising/Marketing/Sales.

I have spent this past year in the PRC, studying and doing an internship. My level of Mandarin is almost conversational but really not good enough to work in this language.

I am a graduate from the best business school in Europe (is it even worth mentioning this to companies, except for French ones? I mention this because  

it means I am supposedly able to work in different fields)

I am very determined to find a job in HK, possibly even if it means working for a “lower” position than what I should aim for for a year.

My conclusion so far is that finding a job in Advertising/Marketing will prove very hard except in some fields of activities (I’m thinking the food & wine industry for example)

Knowing all that, my question is: What kind of companies/positions should I target?

Thank you for your help!

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