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Thursday, 17 November 2011 10:43
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I’m a 30-year-old woman with a degree in language. Here are my job experience: one job in merchandising for more than 2 years; another job in merchandising for half a year, and another job (general business) for more than 2 years. Now I’m unemployed. Except that half-year job, which I was laid off due to poor market situation, I left the other two jobs on my own accord. And I know my experience isn’t solid.

I’m now looking for a job in merchandising or secretarial/administration.

For merchandising, as I have some experience in merchandising, ppl don’t consider me to take jobs in entry levels. But for senior level jobs, my experience isn’t solid enough. So I’m somewhere in between. Besides, as I left the industry for more than two years, is it still possible to re-enter the industry? As for secretarial or administration jobs, I know for entry level jobs, ppl may not have much requirement for your experience, and I’m willing to take on entry level jobs. However, many jobs also require 2 to 3 years of experience, if I’m new to this industry, there is no way I could get those experience without a job. I know this is a newbie’s question. But please bear with me.

I have sent out many application letters and got some interviews from both industries. But I still can’t get any offer. There were one or two interviews during which the employer seemed to like me, but they asked me to wait in the end of the interview. And you know the rest, they are gone forever. I wonder whether it’s a problem of my experience or job interview skills or the time (year-end isn’t considered to be a good time for job hunting). Can you offer some suggestion? Thanks.

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