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Job hunting with no response

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Friday, 20 August 2010 11:14
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Hi All,

I have been working as a Regional Accounting Analyst for about 4yrs now, and wish to move on. Within the 4yrs of my current position, my work mainly focus on the AR aspect, which I think is kind of limiting my job hunt right now. As I want to enhance my skills in other finance area, I have applied for posts such as Financial analyst and Assistant accounting (e.g. reporting & GL aspects). So far I have applied over 25 jobs (not a lot), but don’t seem to get any reply at all. So I’m worry that my specific AR experience is causing the problem, will it be hard for me to change to other finance area with my current experience?

I have also tried to amend my CV in a way that does not seem to be specifically focus on AR only, and I’ve included other tasks within my work scope such as reporting, system implementation, participation in internal & external audits and internal trainings. But still does not seem to get any reply.

Will it better for me to apply for even more junior role first? As I’m not sure what is the issue right now, with no reply at all I am getting worry. Is it my lack of expertise, my CV, my salary??

Would highly appreciate some advice, and thanks in advance.

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