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I'm losing hope in finding a job in Hong Kong

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Monday, 03 May 2010 16:06
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I completed my masters in corporate and finance law from HKU last year, from that day I have been trying to find a decent job. I did my bachelors in law from India, have 3 experience in customers and sales. Yea I know its quite strange for law graduate to have experience in sales and customer service. Well I was out of focus wanted to make more money those days.

But at a point i decided that I shouldn't be doing that and I came applied in HKU and did my masters and here the story law firms offer me job saying I have no experience or some reject coz I dont speak mandarin or cantonese. For internship its full till 2012 and they only need students not graduates. I studied banking law, company law, finance related regulations, market etc so I tried banks, financial institutions but noone wants a fresher, I seriously wonder,are people born with experience?. I speak native english with london accent as I studied in International schools all my life. My Working Visa expires in 3 months and I'm very upset with the kind of treatment and rejection. The only people who offer me job are insurance sales, well if I had that many contacts here, why would I be insurance agent with my degree???

Seriously all business proceedings are in English, bank procedures , market transactions and major company proceedings are through English, still I don't understand why I cant get a job yet or anyone even ready to give me a opportunity. I have applied at least 2000 jobs in these past months and my inbox is filed with rejections emails from law firms, banks, financial institutions....

Pls someone advise me something here...I only have 3 months left in HK. I really dont want to go back as a LOSER

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