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How long should I wait?

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Thursday, 04 March 2010 13:42
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Dear Career Doctor,

I am currently looking for job and starting to feel desperate. I had a job interview on January25, the interview went well - last for 1.5 hour ( it's an architect job). I was left to wait for the reply but for about 3 weeks after, I sent an email to a company. I recieve an email from the Director who interviewed me says" Your interview was impressive, and you are still one of my top consideration for current vacancy. Will let you know since my decission is confirmed".

I am very much interested working with this company. And they seemed pretty interested in me at the first place as they invited me for the interview the day after I sent the application. I had been interviewed by one of the company Director and the Associate Director.

It has been 6 weeks, including Chinese New Year. Should I send them an email to ask about the opportunity? I am a foreigner, have time limit to stay in Hong Kong.



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