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How to deal with a career gap and a messy CV?

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Friday, 26 February 2010 17:23
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Dear Career Doctor,

I graduated in 2003 in US and will reach 30 next years.

My brief employment history:
Before 2005, worked as part-time in the US
After 2005, back to HK and worked in retail banking for 2 Yrs 2007-2008, Private Banking (1 yr) 2008-2009, Investment Banking (1 yr)

I resigned in Sep 2009 as my dad (do business in US) was suffered from serious paralysis suddenly.  Doctor said there is no way to get recover, but will only get worse when time pass.

I worried and depressed and at the same time i felt so tired working in bank, so I discussed with my mum that i wanted to have a career break to spend time with family and take some short courses to refresh myself. (my company do not have the policy of no-pay leave)

As i am not a US citizen, I cant stay in the US for long. Now my dad's situation is stable. I am thinking to go back to HK to find a job as I dont want to leave the job market for more than 1 yr and somehow i'm a bit missing the investment banking.

Q1. Is it a big problem to have a career gap in the CV? What  the interviewer think about it as i think my CV is a mess, i seem to be a jumpy person too!

Q2. I take the programming course and interpersonal skill course during the gap that i think is useful at work. Shall I put in the CV to show i still have upgrade myself during the gap?

Q3. I dun know how to decide: go back to hk asap to find a job or stay few more months to finsih my CFA Level 2? I am confidence that i can pass it and add value to my CV.

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