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Which way should I go?

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Wednesday, 31 August 2011 12:21
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I was graduated from a local university 8 years ago, major in Econ/ Finance, and now working in a bank’s middle office as a lending product development officer. I would like to have a movement now to enhance my exposure and so that I can climb up to managerial position in near future.

I have several options now:

1. Switch to Risk Management. Although I have focused on lending products these years, it seems not easy for me to enter this field as a manager without solid experience. A junior position may be the only way for me to enter this field

2. Stay in the product development field but switch to other bank product. 
Title and position would be almost the same as current one. I wonder if this is a clever idea as my knowledge on lending product would become irrelevant, however, I can enhance my exposure to a different product.

3. Stay in current position and try my best to get promotion in near future

Pls give me any advice!

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