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Position crisis

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Friday, 21 January 2011 14:37
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Dear Doctor,

I am holding an Executive Director position at an industry association, however feel disgusted at playing politics between the Board of Directors.  Serious politics have a negative impact so much so that staff have a very very low morale and are unproductive.  I have tried my very best to motivate staff and lead them to generate more income to support the organization, however due to jealousy, some Board members have played politics on me and they have tried every method to weaken my leadership.  In this case, I decide to have a move.  I have lots of interview opportunities, but all interviews were unsuccessful after the 1st meeting with interviewers.  Am I  too old or too high paid?  (I am 51 years old currently with 35K).  Am I asking too much salary for a manager post/CEO post? (around 37K-40K)? I perceive myself as an experienced administrator and my performance is always satisfactory. At the last interview for a CEO post with an NGO it was a happy meeting that I thought I would get the position. Unfortunately I received an email to inform me that I was unsuccessful again.  This has made me so frustrated and depressed.  What's wrong on me? And how I can improve myself so as to get the way out? FYI, I have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree with 25 years of working experience.

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