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Is overseas experience more important than actual job scope?

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Sunday, 08 May 2011 01:41
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lost girl

Hi there,

I am working for the logistics industry. (US based) Recently i was asked by my boss to relocate to US for one or two year to support the China biz. as nice as it might seem, there is a lot of uncertainly, i know my job task in US is very simple - making contact with China customer directly (cos they don't speak our language), supporting local office colleagues... and no one knows what would i would become after two yrs. will there be a position for me? what grading and salary? it is all unknown. I am now a business development manager and my bf and i are planning to get marry. it is really a big decision for us. I feel like working aboard, i want to make my resume look attractive, however the level of my job in US is much lower than what i have here in HKG, i cant make decision( my boss told me I am there to support only). Here in HKG, i will do presentation and solution decide directly to client's director grading. I still have so much to work here and it is almost confirmed that i wont have my position back if i go to US (cos there is not much position for my position and would be filled after i left).

pls, is overseas experience ( purely personal not professional) really worth all the uncertainly and my current position which i love?

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