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How will I shape my career in the coming years?

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Saturday, 30 July 2011 07:54
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I am 30 yr old lady,and a professional from Hotel Industry. Have worked across India ,London and Singapore with various hotels. My area of specialization is Housekeeping and I have worked as Assistant Housekeeper, which is equivalent to an Assistant Manager.

After arriving in Hong Kong, I placed my resume with almost all major/other hotels here. I did not get any opportunity except for a few interview calls.

Currently I am working for a Trading Company as Office Assistant,and earning $15000 a month, which is reasonable.

But I am worried that this has been a change in career I did not opt willingly. Out of no other choice I am presently working in this capacity.

I started learning Cantonese and can speak conversational Cantonese at this stage.

My concern lies in the fact, how will my career be moulded in the next few years, as I see career progression is limited with the position of Office Assistant.

I might stay over in HK for a few more years due to my husband's work requirement.

Please advise me

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