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Enquiry on job hunting strategy

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Sunday, 04 September 2011 23:42
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Dear Career Doctor,

I am in mid-40s. I am currently out of job and feel desperate. I hold accounting, investment and business qualifications.

To save membership fees, I have given up a number of qualifications after I lost my job.

My experiences were more than ten years in accounting and planning, and two years in fund management. I was up to CFO level. I have been out of job for 2 years.

My job hunting progress was not smooth, I have not found a job after sending hundreds of applications.

Should I re-instate those qualifications given up which could cost me membership fee of around HK$15000 per year? Especially, I am thinking of applying for training job (I do not have any full time training experience) because commercial job is difficult to find at my age.

Or, should I just state in my resume that I had those qualifications before? 
Say, xxxxx in Year 20xx - 20xx,... instead of reinstate those qualifications and pay the membership fees.

Voluntary work in professional organization and statutory body, education institute... Should I state this in the resume? Would this be a minus or a plus for me if I disclose it?

Publications in various professional bodies' journals or magazines, should I state this in the job hunting process? Would this be good or bad to disclose this?

Should I look for accounting or fund management job? If I look for accounting job, should I look for senior post, middle level post or junior post? I wonder which level should I look for because I worry that employer of senior post may not employ me because I am out of the job market for 2 years, and middle level or junior posts may not employ me because of my experience and old age. I have this worry especially after getting no job after sending out hundreds of applications.

My specialty is in planning and management reporting for accounting job. 
Should I apply job with relevant requirements on my experience only or look for whatever accounting job available?

Or, should I look for a fund management junior post job which I have two year experience as the requirements for junior post are not so stringent, or I am too old for it?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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