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Monday, 06 February 2012 01:38
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I was terminated by one company on last year after working for about half year. My Ex-boss, who is one of bosses at that moment in the matrix environment, claimed that they were not satisfactory with my performance. It was believed that the hidden reason is political: I fired his man (the assistant manager), who was belonged to his group and I had been stereo-typed as the man of another group. And My Ex-Boss offered me a so called “Solution”:
- Resign by myself
- Give me the reference letter;
- 2-months payment notice won’t be given to me

And he threatened me he would “bad-mouth” me in the whole industry if I didn’t agree to do so. Anyway, I rejected the offer and tried to settle this via labour department’s mediation but not succeed. And I am going to go through the normal process for the compensation.

I am encountering the most serious difficulty in my career life. Following are my questions:

- Do I need to put this in my cv?
- If yes, it will put me in a very difficult position for another job because my ex-boss gave me a termination letter with poor comment.
- If no, how I can persuade the potential employer why I left the previous company and what I was doing during this period of time;
- Or, is surrender the best strategy in this scenario?

I knew the HR will not take any risk especially in the recruitment of management level. I am now really in an dilemma. Please give me an insight.

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