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Should I stay or go back to my old job?

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011 00:48
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I worked in sales and as a newbie to the finance industry, I agreed to a low starting salary but I quickly became a top performer with top sales. As my boss said there was no way he could increase my base salary or promote me after working there for only less than a year, I switched jobs and joined another leading bank. The brand of my new employer is more prestigious and my pay is now definitely at market rate. However, my target is so much higher than before and the commission is also lower. The pressure here is so much greater too with a lot of politics at play. Before, I was the star of the team and now I'm just another salesman. My old boss wants me back and is offering me more money. What should I do? Should I stay here or go back to join my old company?

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