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What should I do? Change or not change?

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Saturday, 21 August 2010 01:36
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Dear Alison (Career Doctor),

I am 29. I got a computing degree from an Australian University. I have been working as an admin and also had my online business with my friend for three years in Australia.

I came back to HK in early 2008. I didn't mind to start from trainee/junior position at that time, as i knew i did not have any valuable work experiences. So i have worked as an assistant merchandiser (sundries) for two years. Yesterday, i quit this job. First reason - no one teach/guide you if u go wrong; Second - cannot see any future as i believe people in mainland China will replace us someday; Third - too much OT (almost leave after 9pm per day); Fourth - no respect; Fifth - need to travel mainland China (when required). Due to these reasons, i finally decided to quit and hope to have a career change.

Now, i am getting worry. Honestly, even i am 29, I am still not sure which field i should go to (or i am able to get into). i know i don't like computing/finance/accounting field, as i don't like maths/programming. I also don't want to be a salesperson, as i am not an outgoing person. I don't like writing essay, as i know i am not strong in language.

So what do i like!?
- I like business (want to know how to run a business)
- I like warehouse (pick goods from warehouse and pass it to people in shortest time but without any mistake)
- I like searching information via internet

Moreover, i am a detail-minded/responsible/organized/sensitive/patient/honest/stable person. If the boss and colleagues are good and the job can have a good career path in the future, i don't mind to keep staying in the same company (even more than 10 yrs).

Okay, back to my question, i still have no idea which field/what position i should focus. I have searched for below jobs in recruitment advertisement. Do you think i am suitable for these jobs? If not, may i have any suggestion from you?
- demand planner
- buyer
- marketing assistant
- brand assistant

I know i am old and useless. And therefore it would be much appreciated if I can have your advice. Thank you!



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