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Is there still hope of a good career or career change for someone in their late forties?

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011 02:31
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Broken Dream

I am a 47 year old man working for a big company in Canada. I have 2 years of it experience in finance and over 20 years of experience in application development (mainframe COBOL). I have a degree in computer science and also CGA Level III (probably equivalent to ACCA Level II). 

I cannot believe I am doing so badly in my career. Most of the university graduates in my generation are successful in Hong Kong (management or senior management now). In Canada, there are no classes in the company and the structure is wrong too. Also, it is difficult for a Chinese to find a job or advance to management.

What can I do now? Do I still have a chance of a good career or career change in my late forties? If I come back to Hong Kong, will I find a job? What kind of jobs with a good career path is available for me in Hong Kong – if any? Am I too old for the Hong Kong job market? Also, I am open to any other career such as finance, accounting etc. Any possibilities in those sectors?

Lastly, one important question is:

Is it very difficult for people over 40 to find and keep a job in Hong Kong? Is it a common practice for Hong Kong companies to kick older people (over 40 years old) out?

Thanks for your help!

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