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Should I change fields to Property? Got a certificate in property management!

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011 22:11
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I've been working as clerical job for 7 yrs, now change my field to property areas, and the salary has incremented and post have promoted to supervisor level, however, many seniors have advise me to study a degree if you want to be officer / manager level in this field?

As my present job is 12 hrs, too long and difficult to attend a degree courses? so I am looking for a office job such as property assistant / APO? am I on the right track?

now 1/5/2011, the front line staff salary is closer to the officer grade e.g building supervisor is 12-14k , and a Property assistant is 9k only, is it worth it to climb the ladder?

any comment ? I'm 30+ and I've got Certificate in Property Management!

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