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Restart my career path

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Tuesday, 08 November 2011 21:04
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I have worked as a discretionary trader in Hong Kong Equity market for more than 3 years. Since there is a structural changes in the market where I participated, I decided to quit my job and restart my career in the financial field.

I applied a wide range of entry positions from front office to back office in the field , however the response rate is really low, which is approximately 40 to 1 ratio.

I don't know why... the respond rate is so low.

I wonder if the current unemployment rate is it really around 3.2% and I would like to ask for advice in job hunting.

I don't mind to start my career path again from entry level, but it seems that the employer are not interested in me. I have a bachelor degree major in finance with minority in accountancy. I believe my education background should be enough for me to qualified most of the position in the field. I really don't know what is going wrong.

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