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Looking for new career opportunities

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Sunday, 11 April 2010 14:50
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Dear Career Doctor,

I have an engineering degree and now working in electronic industry as a software engineer for about 8 years. It seems to me that the job market in this field is shrinking in HK so I'm thinking of switching to banking/finance in which the career prospect looks better at least in term of job opportunities and salary.

I believe that I'm interested in and strong at quantitative and programming skills which make me likely to be a good candidate for risk analyst so I'm planning to study another PG program in risk management and planning to achieve some professional qualifications such as FRM.

Here comes with my concerns and questions:

1. What do you think about the career prospect in risk management? Is it really better?

2. I'm 30 year old so do you think that it's easy to make a switch at this age?

3. I'm just wondering if I should study the course full-time to speed up the change. The advantage would be that I could pick up the relevant skills faster and have time to study for the professional exams. I believe that I'm currently reviewing the financial impact, the opportunities in risk management and if there is any chance that going back to my old field in case I fail to find job in my target field. What do you think about a break for study? Do you think it makes senses or completely ridiculous ?

Many thanks in advance.

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