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Job Security vs Job Interest?

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Saturday, 23 April 2011 00:25
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I am under a painful decision whether to quit my current job and pursue my own interest.

Upon my graduation in 2009, I went to the banking industry. After working a year and half, I received another offer in the government, which the salary is far more than my first job. Given the high pay and clear career path, I changed from banking to the government sector, which I thought was a sensible move, as the job is highly secured and I will receive pay point increment each year, serving as a very promising career.

After being a government officer for a few months, however, I started to be puzzled regarding my career, because I did not really like my job. And, the point is I do like working in the finance sector, which is highly mental challenging. Particularly, I am a graduate with a Finance major and got passed in several examinations like FRM and CFA. I was able to utilize my capabilities when I was in a bank.

Hence, I am thinking whether I should quit and find a job in bank, because it is a very big trade-off. And, the consideration is beyond my own, as I have to support my family, where a stable career is much preferred. The bleak job market in 2009 when I was a fresh graduate also told me how valuable a government job is under economic downturn.

I would like to learn how you would you choose if you were me.

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