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How can I get into a different industry?

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Friday, 03 September 2010 13:14
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Hi Dr.,

I have a master degree in non-business subject. I joined a commercial company in the same field and had worked in marketing department for 7 years.  My role was expanded to cover Asia Pacific region 2 years ago.  I quited my job recently because I don't want to travel too much due to family reason. Opportunity in the same field is very limited and only junior posts are available (senior posts are usually located in China); but it seems that I'm too experienced for junior posts (tried a lot and no luck).  So I want to get into different industry because of the extensive marketing experience I have; but I don't have marketing or BA degree (I do have a diploma in marketing).  

I'm thinking if I should get a MBA now or master degree in marketing or finance; but this is big investment and can't guarantee a job later.  Or will it be better to apply for junior post in different industry (but people may think I'm too experienced)?   Please advise.


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