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Career crossroad at age 34 (married guy with a kid)

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011 18:23
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I worked at a semi-gov institute in the middle to senior management level (carrying the title of Senior Manager). Everyday I was working on administrative procedures and dealing with gov people. I doubt that what kind of skills/knowledge that I have gained apart from bureaucratic and office tactics/politics.

Although the institute is likely to be continually funded by gov but it seems to me that I was consuming (I don't want to use "wasting") my life and energy.

I asks myself many times that I have to move on to another area and start at another career path.

I have a research postgraduate degree from a HK university and have worked in this instit. for almost 5 years. Given my current family situation as captioned, I hope somebody can give some advice to me and let me have some insights about where to go next....

Thanks a lot in advance.

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