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Asia: Need some Direction.

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Friday, 25 June 2010 00:43
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Dear Career Doctor,

Need some advice about entering the employment market in Asia.. and also where to focus my efforts.

I've just recently graduated in a postgraduate honors degree in Business Studies. I originally signed up for the course as a way to find a new direction for work, but have since realized that its done little to provide 
new skills.

I originally started working in Ireland about 11 years ago for a start up company a friend created in University. He had a need for someone to handle the Accounts/Admin side of things, and I had previous experience. In any case I stayed there for almost 7 years where I covered AR/AP, General operations, Customer service, and Tech support. The usual when it comes to start ups. We each had a finger in many areas of the business. I eventually left because of a desire to travel and experience something more than this single company. In the following two years, I worked in Australia as a contractor specializing in bad debt recovery. And lastly, I spent almost a year in China teaching English.

Everything changed while I was in China, and I realized that I wanted most of all to live in Asia. I can't quite put it into words, but the difference in cultures interests me the most, and the understanding of the cultures 
involved. I guess I'm one of those people who find themselves understanding Asian culture more than their own.

The crux of the problem is how to go about this. I know I can teach again. Thats not an issue. However, I'd like something more interesting than that. I don't mind starting from the bottom again since TBH I don't see my Debt Recovery experience being transferable, and my previous experience to that is too generalized.

My level of English is high compared to most native speakers. Unfortunately, I don't have other languages. My Mandarin is still quite basic, learned both from my time in China, and through personal study.

So I'm looking for options. I know I will return to Asia, but I need to know that getting work is realistic. After searching for jobs, I guess I'm getting a bit run down without receiving much attention from recruiters.

Thanks for any info.

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