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The truth behind resumes

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Friday, August 20, 2010
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Baat Gwaa [1]

A recruitment professional has told Baat Gwaa that lying on resumes is becoming a common problem.

Lily says that more and more job applicants have resorted to embellishing their resumes to make themselves look more impressive. They exaggerate work experience and job titles, offer fake references, lie about previous salaries - and even fabricate qualifications.

"Many job-seekers tend to fudge their resumes to emphasise relevant experience and qualifications in order to fit the position being applied for. There are also cases in which candidates blatantly lie about their qualifications during interviews," she says.

Lily says recruitment professionals encourage employers to conduct reference checks before making job offers or conducting background checks.

Lily says there are many ways to catch liars. To find out whether a candidate has lied about past salaries, employers can request applicants to present their previous tax statements. To check qualifications, employers can demand to see the original copies of certifications, or check with the relevant professional bodies or universities directly. To uncover fake references, companies can ask applicants to provide referees.

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