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Talent managers coveted

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Friday, August 13, 2010
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Baat Gwaa [1]

Baat Gwaa couldn't believe it when a friend said she had joined  the "diplomatic corps" of human resources. Barbara wasn't exactly joking. She was recently promoted to the post of talent manager to supervise training and career development of employees for her public relations firm.

She says the human resources sector has rapidly evolved into a highly specialised field in recent years, going beyond merely handling pay roll, supporting administrative work and personnel management.

"The job has undergone a complete makeover to resemble that of a `cultural attache', because very often a talent manager has to handle staff training for the company's various offices in the region, which means he or she has to deal with employees from different cultural backgrounds.

"This person not only has to have a good grasp of human resources subjects across the board, and at different levels, he or she also needs to be ultra-sensitive to cultural issues," Barbara explains.

She adds that talent management is back on the agenda of most businesses as they move into growth mode. Talent managers are in a much coveted position as organisations want to attract and retain top talent, and build high performance to support growth and deliver benefits.

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