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Achieving goals easier said than done

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Friday, January 7, 2011
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Setting lofty goals for yourself is all the rage at this time of year. Seeing them through, however, is easier said than done. According to a report by Reuters, the key to setting achievable aspirations for the year rests in knowing yourself. Clinical psychologist Dr Blisa Varnich suggests adopting reasonable aspirations and, where possible, creating a support system to help you see them through. 

Top tips for a healthier 2011

Don't exercise too much, take up a musical instrument, and stop peeling the skin of your fruit. These were some of the suggestions from Dr Tom Smith, a weekly health columnist for the Guardian, who issued counterintuitive tips on how to stay healthy in the new year. Vigorous exercise, he says, is only good in small doses. He recommends no more than three or four 30-minute sessions a week. The skin from fruits helps boost nutrition and prevent cancer, and learning a musical instrument is said to improve dexterity and resistance to dementia.

Fight the fat with an app

Shedding those holiday pounds has got easier, thanks to clever smart phone applications. Leading the pack is Nike's Training Club, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. Geared to women, the software offers 90 drills and 60 workouts. Workout Trainer by Skimble, which features a Terminator-like robot voice to egg you on, is also a favourite, as are iFitness, Fitness Free HD and Livestrong's Calorie Tracker.

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