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View can make you leave or stay

Published on
Saturday, June 25, 2011
Written by
Jin Peh [1]

Feng shui principles can be employed by companies to keep employees productive and contented.

The seating plan should not be underestimated.

Some firms opt for an open plan to reduce feelings of alienation or division.

However, this does not mean that staff should sit side by side without any privacy partitions as though they were sitting for an examination.

The absence of partitions would mean that they are either facing each other or looking over their shoulders.

Thus, partitions should be used to give staff a sense of privacy. They should not be so high that certain employees feel stifled or hemmed in.

They should not be so low either that staff can see what their seatmates are reading on their computer screens.

Preferably, there should be dividers behind them to give everyone a sense of security.

In addition, desks should also be parallel or at right angles, so that no sharp corners are pointed at anyone's desk.

Companies should ensure that no employees are facing the office entrance or exit.

If you look up from your desk and see the main entrance to the office or to your department, then there is a high possibility that you will leave your job.

The issue here is not the direction you are facing, but rather the visibility of the entrance or exit from your desk.

For instance, receptionists whose seat directly faces the office entrance do not tend to stay long in the company. 

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