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Seat spells boom or doom

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Saturday, July 9, 2011
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Jin Peh [1]

If you're starting a new job, you probably feel excited and eager to meet your new colleagues. Aside from being punctual and pleasant to everyone, you may also employ fung shui strategies to make a favourable impression. Certain fung shui principles will make you more efficient and productive as you start a new chapter in your life.

First, you will need to assess your desk and seating arrangement. You have to be comfortable with the dimensions of your desk and chair.

Use a fung shui tape measure (which is readily available in fung shui bookstores) to make sure that the length, breadth and height of your desk fall under auspicious dimensions.

The fung shui tape measure is also known as the Lu Ban ruler, named after the carpenter who calculated the positive and negative dimensions.

There are dimensions listed for Yang and Yin Houses on these tape measures, so use the former for residences and offices, and the latter for graves and tombstones.

If the tape measure does not have any English translations, it's best to seek the advice of a Chinese speaker to help ascertain the positive dimensions.

How you are seated is likewise important. Be sure to sit against a wall as it ensures some kind of support. It will make you feel anchored and secure at work.

Don't sit with your back to the door or window or you will feel distracted by movements behind you or by the reflection of light from the window. This will result in poor concentration and diminished productivity. Try to reorient your desk if possible. Otherwise consider placing bookcases or shelves behind you to give you a sense of support.

Be aware of what lies above your head when you are working. If there are any overhanging structures such as overhead lights, ceiling fans or pipes directly above your head, you may suffer from headaches often. Move your desk so that you are not directly underneath these structures.

The worst sitting position is to be in the direct path of the main door and facing it. 

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