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Props for sizzling romance

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Saturday, August 20, 2011
Written by
Jin Peh [1]

As we work with the same people each day, it is not unusual to develop feelings for certain colleagues.

However, some of them may be married or may not appreciate the amorous attention they get.

There is nothing heartwarming about office romances that result in the break up of families or about aggressive advances that result in sexual harassment, regardless of gender.

Thankfully, there are fung shui methods that can keep your passions under control.

In fung shui, romance is represented by wood and water elements. Hence, it can be stimulated by indoor plants and flowers that symbolise wood.

Romance is also activated by water, such as a fountain or an aquarium (Figure 1). Water affects wood and indirectly stirs up emotions.

In the Flying Stars school of fung shui, there are two romance sectors each year. In 2011, the romance sectors are located in the northeast and the southwest. Placing a water feature in these sectors may cause unwanted emotional entanglements. Hence, placing an aquarium unwittingly in the northeast or southwest may cause personal relationship problems at work.

The romance sector represented by the wood element lies in the southwest, while the romance sector symbolised by the water element is located in the northeast.

Thus, placing indoor plants or flowers in the southwest will also cause romance issues at work due to an inadvertent stimulation of that sector.

Note that there are certain fung shui myths that have gained notoriety over the years and are not necessarily true. One of them is that if water is located to the right of your front door (when you face outwards), the head of the household will tend to stray.

This is not true, as the romance sector differs from year to year and also on the orientation and the age of a property.

Another myth is that placing statues of mandarin ducks in the southwest of your office or home (Figure 2) will lead to a sizzling romance.

The southwest sector is simply the romance sector for this year and not the romance sector for all offices and homes. Unless the figures of mandarin ducks are made of wood (thereby stimulating the wood element), they will not be of much use this year.

In addition, some fung shui masters state that non-living wooden materials will not stimulate the wood element; only living plants and flowers will do. With this principle in mind,

it should come as no surprise that artificial plants and dried bouquets are not effective in inducing romance.

Using these artificial props in your office will not attract any special attention.

Finally, keep in mind that romance does not solve any of your personal self-esteem issues.

You need to work on them first before you can embark on a positive, intimate relationship. 

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