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Luck can fly out of window

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Saturday, August 6, 2011
Written by
Jin Peh [1]

After several years of steady growth, your company may have suddenly started losing clients and perhaps even attracted some lawsuits. Apart from questionable management decisions or the general economic situation, there could have been certain fung shui factors that accounted for this unexpected downturn.

First, find out if there had been any recent renovations before the company experienced difficulties, especially those involving the lobby or entrance area. For instance, to improve natural lighting in the lobby, the designer may have suggested opening a window that was directly opposite the main entrance. If this was carried out, all the positive chi, or energy, that could enter through the front door got shunted or funneled immediately out the window (see Figure 1).

Thus, the positive chi was not allowed to accumulate and flow through the office. This manifested itself in falling profits, with money being used to cover unexpected expenses. You should cover up this window or install windows that are not directly opposite the main door.

If renovations were carried out inside the office, note where they took place. There are several parts of the workplace where drilling, knocking and digging should not be carried out as negative chi could linger there for the whole year. Disturbing these areas will result in misunderstandings or accidents that will adversely affect the company's performance.

For instance, the annual five yellow sectors as calculated by the Flying Stars school of fung shui falls in the east this year. So if renovations were carried out in this sector, the company could have a turbulent year until February next year, when the five yellow energy moves into another sector. Restrict the internal renovations to the west, north or south quadrants (Figure 2).

There is also an annual wealth sector as determined by the Flying Stars school. Last year, the wealth sector was located in the centre of the property, while for 2011, the wealth sector is located in the northwest. To stimulate the wealth sector, one will need activity, which is in the form of water (for instance, aquariums or water features, as in Figure 3) or even an area where there is much human traffic (such as the water cooler or pantry).

If the wealth sector falls into the storage and records area or the electrical zone where there is not much activity, the wealth energy will not be stimulated, resulting in decreasing profits. It is best to consult a fung shui professional to ensure that the wealth sector for the year is correctly identified and then stimulated accordingly.

You should take note of any changes that may have occurred directly opposite the main entrance of your office or headquarters.

For example, if there is a new office that has a larger entrance directly opposite yours, this is competing with your office for positive energy and, because of its larger size, it will therefore attract more positive energy. In this case, relocate your entrance to another side to avoid competing directly for good luck. 

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