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Let light shine into your office - in moderation

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Saturday, November 5, 2011
Written by
Jin Peh [1]

Skyscrapers are run-of-the-mill in a bustling world financial centre such as Hong Kong, but offices with windows overlooking the cityscape are something else, reserved as they usually are for those who have achieved significant levels of success. But, from a fung shui point of view, the office that offers the "best views" may not necessarily be the best for you. 

After all, windows let in sunlight, which increases the yang energy of an enclosed space. Fung shui is about the balance between yin and yang, and an office that has glass windows on three or all four sides makes it excessively yang, which will have a negative effect. Similarly, an office that has no windows on any of its four sides is excessively yin. The person who works in a particularly yang office will find it difficult to concentrate, may experience headaches or may become impatient due to the unsettling levels of light and reflection. Conversely, the person who works in a particularly yin office will be prone to lethargy, listlessness and be susceptible to yin illnesses such as arthritis, respiratory illnesses and melancholia.

So what happens when you work in one of these offices? If you have glass windows on three sides, you should sit with your back to the solid wall to provide greater support. However, if you then find yourself sitting with your back to the entrance, or in the direct path of the door, this will negate the benefits of sitting with your back to the wall.

In these situations, you should then sit facing the door but with the shades pulled down on the window that is directly behind you, so that you will be able to simulate some form of support. 

Some bosses have a large glass wall directly in front of them to allow them to keep an eye on their teams at all times. This is not necessarily beneficial for them, as the clear glass exposes them to some forms of negative energy, for example, from the aisles or passages between the rows of desks that are directed at the person working in the office. The team leader is advised to guard against these lines of negative chi by using indoor plants, posters or bookcases. Caution is advised against extremely high furniture, as it will exert pressure on the person working in that office. 

For those working in offices without any windows, it is advisable to keep the door open at all times, if possible. Otherwise, one might try to install a window on one of the internal walls to let in much needed yang energy. 

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