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Art of sitting pretty lucky

Published on
Saturday, July 23, 2011
Written by
Jin Peh [1]

Good interpersonal relationships with your colleagues will result in a conducive environment in which everyone feels a part of the team.

Conflicts between officemates not only contribute to a stressful workplace but may also lead to downsizing or even shutdown of the department.

To prevent discord, you need to consider certain fung shui factors.

For instance, if you have difficulties with a colleague, note how you sit relative to each other.

If you sit with your back towards him without any support, you will get the sense that you are being watched constantly. You may feel tense and disagreeable when dealing with him because you feel he is spying on you.

You will need to reorient your desk in this situation or place a solid structure between your back and your colleague's desk.

You may use an opaque screen (not made of glass or wire that one can see through), a piece of furniture like a bookcase or filing cabinet, or several leafy indoor plants, either real or artificial.

You should also ensure that you are not sitting with the edges of your desk pointing towards him or with the corners of his desk pointing at you. This will create shar chi or negative energy, with one party feeling aggrieved as though one is constantly being attacked and thus has to be on the defensive.

Sharp edges or corners generate hostile energy that will cause irritation even though one may have nothing to do with the arrangement of the desks.

In this situation, rearrange the desks so that they are parallel to each other. Otherwise, consider using privacy screens or furniture between the desks.

If you are sitting with your back to the door and constantly have these troublesome colleagues tapping you on the shoulder or approaching you from behind, then you need to consider moving your desk so that you face whoever approaches you.

If your desk is fixed and you are not allowed to move it, install compact mirrors around the level of your computer screen so that you are able to glance up and see who is approaching you from behind.

Sometimes, we just can't get along with everybody.

One's time of birth is clearly too private to share with colleagues, but most people don't mind telling others their birthdates.

Seek a quick Chinese astrological analysis of the colleague that you don't get along well to see if he has elements that are incompatible with yours.

Chances are he has some elements that clash with your personality.

In this case, it is best to just be polite and diplomatic, maintaining a clear professional distance. 

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