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A 'walkie-talkie' for networking up in the cloud

Published on
Friday, July 15, 2011
Written by
Rick Gangwani [1]

Application TalkBox Voice Messenger

Platforms iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Price Free 

If you're interested in what the future might hold for social networking, be sure to give TalkBox a whirl. The locally developed mobile app has dispensed with text-based communication, opting instead for a voice-oriented platform through which users keep in touch via recorded message.

To play back a recording, simply click on its corresponding speech bubble in the application's chat stream. To respond, just tap and hold the button at the bottom of the page as you speak into your device's receiver. Not only will your message be instantly pushed to the cloud, you'll also have the option of sharing your location a la geo-tag, all - once again - with a single tap.

If you're looking to send a message to your entire network, simply add the "Agent Broadcast" character to your contact list. When messaged, the Agent will automatically disseminate your missives to all your friends.

The "Agent Facebook" character lets you send out a playable voice-message directly to your Facebook wall, meaning you can still keep in touch with those still mired in the

text-based world. While some have dubbed TalkBox as little more than a fancy walkie-talkie, most reviewers have come to see it as something far beyond that. Rick Gangwani

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