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The Holy Grail of mobile task management

Published on
Friday, June 17, 2011
Written by
Rick Gangwani [1]

Application Priorities 

Platforms iPhone, iPod Touch 

Price US$2.99; free for Lite version  

Mobile task managers have been around as long as smart phones themselves, going back to the first Palm Pilot.

Over the years, we've seen these digital to-do-lists incorporating a host of new functions - some useful, others just plain unnecessary. Indeed, finding the right balance between efficiency and functionality in this realm has long been a Holy Grail of sorts - one which few developers have managed to find.

"Priorities" is among the latest apps to seek this balance. And based on initial observations, it seems to have done a fine job of doing so. The software, in its simplest form, serves as a straightforward list of user-generated items, which - if that's all you need - works like a charm.

For those in search of more, the app also allows the creation of "lists", a specialised category of items that allows one to include ancillary entries underneath it - perfect for things like groceries, for example.

If all this sounds a little messy, there's also the option of creating separate master lists, which can be accessed simply by swiping left or right. Other features include cloud syncing, calendar integration and a slew of sharing options. It's precisely this layered form of complexity that makes "Priorities" a choice application both for neophytes and power-users alike.

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