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An enhanced scheduler for 9-to-5 types

Published on
Friday, June 10, 2011
Written by
Rick Gangwani [1]

Application Week Calendar

Platforms iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Price US$1.99; iPad: US$2.99

Apple's calendar app might do the trick as far as basic scheduling goes. But once you've sampled the charms of an enhanced alternative, you'll be hard-pressed to look back.

One such alternative is UtiliTap's "Week Calendar", with its navigation tools, touch-based features, and plethora of customisable options.

Geared towards busy bees and nine-to-five-types, the program displays events in an easy-to-view weekly format - a feature that remains curiously absent in the native app.

A built-in search function, meanwhile, makes tracking down those hard-to-find entries a breeze.

Once created, scheduled items can be dragged and dropped via the touch interface, thus eliminating the need for manually rescheduling a meeting, for example.

A tap-activated "details view", likewise, saves you from having to load the "edit" screen to access an event's background information.

Daily, yearly and monthly views are also available, the last featuring coloured dots to indicate an event's corresponding sub-calendar - handy in separating work and personal entries.

Recently updated, Week Calendar now offers support for third-party navigation services, such as TomTom.

Settings can be customised, right down to the colour coding and default view options.

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