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Manager keeps resigning, already the 3rd one.
posted on Tuesday, 21 December 2010 23:15

I found my first job in Hong Kong in June this year.  I have no experience in this field and industry before, so I really want to learn more things from my Manager and from the work.  However, my first Manager resigned after I have joined the company for 1 month, then a new Manager joined in.  He left after 2 months of employment, just before his probation.  Another new Manager came and also left after 2 months of employment.  I don't like this kind of working environment and I believe it is not a good place for a junior to learn.  Although my boss would like to increase my salary and do whatever he can do to keep me staying, I just think it may be time to leave this company.  Can anyone tell me what I need to do now?

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Posted Saturday, 02 July 2011 10:37 AM

You have an opportunity here for promotion if you really understand what is going on. However, you got to ask yourself these Qs.

1 - do you think you are in a good position of work, do you know if your current role is something you love ? i.e. going for a more senior role will mean more responsibilities and stress etc.

2 - do you want to be promoted, and do you understand why those guys are leaving? Can you understand what the issues are under your own department? Cos frankly, if you can see what the problems are, can YOU offer solution, or be the person to even attempt at solving the problems and FIX it? IF you can, then obviously you got more aptitude to BE in that managerial role than you thought you could.

3 - what is your own learning style, do you "learn, copy and do", or do you "think for yourself and try" ? (This you have got to ask yourself truthfully, cos if you are a proactive problem solver, then obviously you have leadership skills, cos you can "see" the problems, and how to fix them.)

Nobody teaches you things, we all learn ourselves, or figure out the issues. You can try and ask this boss what is it that he is looking for in the candidate and see if you can understand whether you got the skills for that role and be open about it. Cos it also shows HIM that you WANT progression in the future.

I myself was dumbed down when I never told my boss directly and say I wanted role X. My silly boss went and hired someone else externally. I only asked him after he left the company. We got on really well, but our communication was obviously not blatant enough.

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Posted Sunday, 30 January 2011 04:33 PM

Dude, just chill, your boss wants you to stay, that means even if you slack off all the time, you won't get fired and still get paid! What else you want? OK, well at least you got to show you are trying, but trying doesn't mean that you need to complete anything.

Obviously he's got issues to find the right person, just lay back, get paid to watch the show!

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Posted Friday, 21 January 2011 12:26 PM

Sounds like a nightmare with all the disruptions and having to adjust to the different styles of managers each time. Do you actually like the boss? Accept your boss’ offer on a pay increase and be honest about your concerns. Maybe they can give you more direction and you can report to them directly instead of through a middle manager. You will learn and move up more quickly this way. Hang in there!!

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Career Doctor  
Posted Thursday, 23 December 2010 09:12 PM

Is there anything or something wrong with your company? But then again these days young managers do "hop" around and tend to change jobs frequently, however if none of them have worked for more than 2 months it could mean there’s something's wrong with the business. OK, that's the negative side.

Now can you try and think of the positive side too? You said you're new to this company and as this is your first job in HK, you need experience badly! Experience can only be accumulated and do bear in mind that this is something you don't need someone to hold your hands to teach you how to do it! AND you don't need to copy and follow others. Why don't you try to figure everything out by doing things your way? That’s the best way to learn.

If you're not doing well, your boss wouldn't want to keep you, let alone offer you a salary increment. Your boss "is" the one you can turn to for assistance and advice, right? He/she should know the company and its business far better than those newly hired managers, am I right?

In adversity lies an opportunity! It’s not like everybody is leaving so you have to too. Why let yourself be influenced by others? If you use it well, this could turn out to be a golden opportunity for you to independently handle tasks and assignments which you wouldn't have had a chance to do if your managers were around.

Staying or leaving? Give it serious thought before you make your next move!

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