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Question :

I've been working in the japanese retail industry as a human resource supervisor for around 3.5 year. But I don't see myself having any prospects at this field.

No matter how hard i work, i will not gain anything in terms of promotion.

I do voice out my views to my immediate superior but it seem that don't have any feedback.

I would like to quit with my job to look for other job, but i'm worried that due to economic set back will deter my application.

Other department or people around me sympathy towards me.

What should i do ? Still working in this current post or just quit?  

Posted by Kathy on Sunday, 11 Apr 2010

Comments :


Posted Saturday 24th April 2010 10:35:00 PM


thanks for all the comments, that giving to me. i know what i should do now.

Career Doctor

Posted Wednesday 21st April 2010 12:14:00 AM


Let's first make it clear what is that "prospect" you're referring to? It's the HR profession? Or only the job itself? You don't need anyone's sympathy, you must have been complaining or how would others know? Dangerous! Staying or leaving in the end it's not yours decision to make, and when you're worrying about the difficulties in finding a new job, you better stop complaining! You think you've been doing good and well deserve a promotion? Your supervisor might not rate your performance as good as yours, you also need to be objective. Most important of all is to do your job well no matter what, give the best you can, if you do out perform others even your supervisor's blind the rest of the management certainly can't be all blind. On second thoughts even if the culture is where all management form a “united front” and stand together, you're polishing your skills and paving your way to a better job/career when the right time comes. You can only be a winner, don't make yourself a loser!

Miss Education

Posted Friday 16th April 2010 06:26:00 PM


Totally agree, people are never satisfied with their current situation, if they try to compare with others they would find themselves much better, strange.


Posted Tuesday 13th April 2010 06:04:00 PM


Why do working people keep on complaining in their present job due only to lack of promotion prospect when there are a lot others who lost or are going to lose their jobs because of downsizing?