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Posted by Wo on Saturday, 22 March 2014 22:44
I've worked a couple of months for a CPA firm and due to a terrible work environment I would like to change jobs.
Posted by Not very photogenic on Wednesday, 12 March 2014 23:09
A lot of my friends have included their photo in their CVs and I'm just wondering whether it's necessary or is it considered unprofessional?
Posted by AK on Wednesday, 26 February 2014 16:15
Despite my best efforts, I haven't been able to land a job. I've got two years of research experience and I'm currently studying IT. Any advice?
Posted by Roy on Monday, 24 February 2014 09:18
I've sent over 300 sports related job applications and with no recruiter feedback, I'm beginning to wonder if the ads are fake.
Posted by Anna on Sunday, 05 January 2014 14:21
I've been out of the job search market for some time. How can I summarise 15 years of banking experience into a three minute introduction?
Posted by Manoj Mor on Wednesday, 01 January 2014 18:03
I'm a lawyer with a decade of tax and regulatory services experience and looking to move to Hong Kong for work opportunities.
Posted by Kevin on Thursday, 01 August 2013 14:19
I'm taking a gap year to travel and teach before I graduate in December next year and I'm interested in joining the HK Police force afterwards ...
Posted by DirectApply on Friday, 26 July 2013 17:11
I've been trying to submit job applications to firms directly however would love to get some pointers on increasing my success rate in getting through ...
Posted by William on Saturday, 15 June 2013 11:07
I'd love to work for this company that's going to set up in Hong Kong shortly but they haven't started hiring. How can I approach them?
Posted by Janie on Wednesday, 02 January 2013 12:49
I'm really anxious about looking for a job and I've been putting it off as ...