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How much salary should I expect?
Question :

I am Psychology graduate and have two years working experience in the UK in Administration field (in large scale company).  I went back to Hong Kong this April, and have 6 months working experience in Hong Kong in Human Resources field (small to medium size company).  My currently salary is 12K per month, 12 month salary, no bonus.  Is this the market rate, or can I ask for higher? (e.g. 12.5K or 13K)

Posted by laichi924 on Sunday, 19 Dec 2010

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Posted Thursday 27th December 2012 12:14:21 AM


I am a Sales Executive having 13 years experience in UK, EU and USA market. Mainly dealing with medium to big importers in the markets dealing in General household, Electronics, Gift / Premium / Novelties, Garden items, Tools and seasonal, solar and Christmas items etc. I generate sales from existing clients + from bunch of my own clients and my current salary is only 20k. Kindly advise if i am being paid reasonable or not? I have seen people like me reaching to 3-35k and i am surprised whether i should give it a try or not.


Posted Monday 31st January 2011 12:31:00 AM


If you want the big money I say you go into accounting, being an actor or singer, lawyer or doctor. But that doesn't seem like most of us with university degrees, so your other option is just be thankful for what you have as others only are making half ($7K) and that if you still want the big bucks, you better work for big companies in sales that pays good commission, but then that a lot of selling, talking, sometimes 'deceiving' and HARD WORK, so give and take, maybe your position isn't that bad afterall? You can always risk and quit this job and jump, but then there are no guarantees with this market and competition degrees are everything these days, you will find something better, you are young, you got a 50/50 chance, what do you think? Are u a risk taker or you want to play it safe and stay?

Career Doctor

Posted Thursday 23rd December 2010 10:07:00 PM


What is "market rate"? Who can set a fair and standard "market rate"? Even for people who have worked in the same level doing the same kind of job their salaries are not "necessarily" the same! Judging from how you phrased your question, I don't think you're really happy with what you were offered to start with. So why did you take this job in the first place? You've been working with this company for only 6 months, different companies do have different practices of course, and most companies don't offer salary reviews for staff who have been working there for less than a year. So can one ask for a raise? Well, it all very much depends on how well and how much you've contributed to qualify yourself in order for the company to justify the raise to senior management. But never just by comparison. Again, who sets the standard? Don't focus on the $$ issue, stay focused in your job! Do and give the best you can, gain experience and the exposure you need to excel yourself and your capabilities, that's "priceless" you know? Even if your present employer fails to recognise your contributions, someone soon will! Trust me, I'm a headhunter!