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Tips on job hunting
posted on Tuesday, 22 June 2010 11:03

Dear Doctor,

I am currently looking for a first job in Hong Kong.

I have a 1+ year experience in Advertising/Marketing/Sales.

I have spent this past year in the PRC, studying and doing an internship. My level of Mandarin is almost conversational but really not good enough to work in this language.

I am a graduate from the best business school in Europe (is it even worth mentioning this to companies, except for French ones? I mention this because  

it means I am supposedly able to work in different fields)

I am very determined to find a job in HK, possibly even if it means working for a “lower” position than what I should aim for for a year.

My conclusion so far is that finding a job in Advertising/Marketing will prove very hard except in some fields of activities (I’m thinking the food & wine industry for example)

Knowing all that, my question is: What kind of companies/positions should I target?

Thank you for your help!

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Posted Tuesday, 16 August 2011 11:27 PM

Why did you tell the other graduate to apply for 7-11 and McDonald's part time jobs and this graduate not to aim for anything lower?! Weird.

Career Doctor's picture
Career Doctor  
Posted Tuesday, 29 June 2010 01:53 PM

Of course you should tell all employers you're a graduate from one of the top universities in France, especially for non-French companies who, in most cases, might not be aware of.

You've only spent a year learning Mandarin and already at conversational level, it's not an easy feat and with time and practice, you will continue to improve.

Don't aim for any job "lower" than you should especially for a young and fresh graduate like you. Employers only want those they see potentials who at the same time are dedicated and hardworking. I wouldn't use the word "lower" but rather "flexible" when it comes to salary expectation, this certainly will help, as what you need now is an opportunity to gain experience. Once you've accumulated enough, you're ready to move on should employers don't treat you kind and fair.

Instead of asking me for my suggestion, looking at it the other way round, you should think of your uniqueness, your strengths and your interests. Also, what companies would find your qualities and background relevant, useful and applicable? You'll be able to work out your answer, right?

Good Luck!

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Posted Sunday, 27 June 2010 11:17 AM

If it's just starting of your career and you don't mind the position. Suggest you to work for some big or multinational company which you can gain many operation activities.

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