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How can I re-focus my career path and move forward?
posted on Sunday, 14 March 2010 22:56

Dear Career Doctor,

I am a BBA (Marketing) graduate from a local university. I have about 5 years work experience gained from PR, ad agencies and in-house marketing in education institution.

I started off as account coordinator with a PR agency and worked for almost 1 yr. With a strong passion in marketing communications and wanted to gain more exposures, I then switched to a 4As advertising agency as account executive to serve an renowned airline client.

Just when I was about to promote from senior account executive to account manager by end of 2008, there was an accident in my family. My father left and our whole family was in great pain, my mom was so frustrated that she even suffered from psychosis.  Though I liked my agency job very much, I cannot but forced to look for a new job with better pay (agency-job is normally below ind. average) and more decent working hours to take care of my family.

Two months later I landed an post from a government subsidised tertiary education institution, working as Marketing Officer, until now.

With my family situation turning more stable now, I really want to move back to the commercial field to chase my dream (develop in Brand or Product Management in consumer market, eventually reach the post of Brand or Marketing Manager).

Q1: Would HR be convinced I have a goal and passion in consumer marketing with agency and then education background?

Q2: I am currently doing a postgraduate marketing diploma in HKU SPACE/CIM, hoping to fill the gap in my work experience.I did study a lot about product management, but without actual work experience. Would it be realistic to apply for product marketing or should I stick with marketing communications, like ads and events?

Q3: I feel my post in education field is a great hurdle for applying for marketing jobs in commercial field (got not much responses compared to previous job search). Should I quit and switch to a transitional job first(generic marketing post) and then hop to a desired position, or should I keep trying to apply for product marketing (slow progress)?

Thank you very much!

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Hong Kong Grassroot
Posted Saturday, 17 April 2010 06:32 PM

Personally I admire you can switch to a job with better pay and, most importantly, with better working hours so quickly! (Just two months?!) For my experience of applying for a government job, it takes months before I get a chance of being invited to an interview. Then many more months later for me to know the result.
For me with not so good English language skill, switching to a better job is always a dream.

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Career Doctor  
Posted Thursday, 18 March 2010 10:46 AM

If you ask me, family always comes first! We don't even call it as a sacrifice, but an obligation to fulfil and is a "must"!

I do admire you and 200% supported your decision to change your job to be able to spare more time looking after your mother, otherwise I'm sure you'll regret it and you would never forgive yourself!

I believe there're things you can learn in your present job in the education field no matter what. Marketing or PR or education field do have one thing in common, you're dealing with "people"! Instead of thinking all but the negatives, why don't you try thinking of the positives and what you've learnt and make use of it?

You can be open and honest to explain to future employers why you've switched your job to the education field, that's true, you're not making up stories, and that you're now ready to rejoin and restart with an even higher spirit and stronger desire to build, contribute and succeed.

The lacking of response might be more related to the economy, and also you need to be more flexible, both in terms of the company's size and job level.

If you do have a genuine interest in the job you're applying for, your passion and enthusiasm will be your best weapon, it comes straight from your heart and of course far more convincing that any "words" or "talking" can do, you know what I mean?

It's never easy to follow and pursue one's own dream, and sure lots of hurdles and obstacles for you to overcome, but if you want it badly enough you just won't let go, will you?

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