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Work attitude & job hopping
Question :

Hi Doctor & everyone,

I am 25 and got a science degree, which leads my classmates to government job or else not related thing, from a local university in 2007.  Since graduation, I have been working at a NGO for more than 2.5 year as an admin.  I saw very dim prospectus in my admin job and very little chance of paid increment thus I entered another industry.

I have confidence in my communication and organising skills so I entered the PR/ Marcom field. However, things are not as smooth as I guessed. Since I have absolutely no knowledge in marketing or business, my life was really hard chasing up to the level of my other colleagues. In addition to the education background problem, I found it really hard to adapt to these people in commercial world that they try to ignore their own responsibility and did things just to cover themselves but not for the goodness of the whole project or team.

Since this March, I have hopping from an agency, a B2B service company and then finally another NGO as a PR. This place, my current job, I can adapt to the working style better here since as least people care about what is good for the project.

There is always something that is out of your expectation. Here I am employed by the NGO to serve the 2 sponsored bodies. Here comes the problem -
(1) When I thought the NGO should be my employer, my boss denied and said it should be the leader of the 2 sponsored bodies.
(2) However, my responsibility is not only PR as I thought. I find myself quite like an admin assistant to the NGO, PR coordinator and..... a teacher assistant. I myself is confused who I am when I am sitting in office and everyone from different parties asking me to do something that I don't even if this should be my responsibility.

Since graduation, I always tell myself that it is a good opportunity to learn when people ask you to help at work. But things are getting out of control and I am not sure whether this believe in myself is correct or not. Is it a right attitude to hold at work ?  How should I balance it without being rude ?

I know it gives bad impression if I change too frequently. But sometimes it  feels like I am pushed to the edge at the top of a building without knowing who I should ask for help. What if I change again ? Will it be a really really bad thing ? Is it the management problem of my employer or is it my problem that I should deal with it?

I have been having a very hard year in struggling whether I am good for the new role that I don't have any background but simply interest and passion.

Grateful if you can leave me some advice. Thanks a lot.


Posted by Milo on Friday, 05 Nov 2010

Comments :

Career Doctor

Posted Friday 26th November 2010 09:09:00 PM


My first question is, who signs your employment letter? While your sponsors might be the ones behind paying your salary, officially they shouldn't be counted as your boss(es). There’s no room for denial, if you ask me. Well, sometimes we do need to be pushed to the edges to realise one's potential and capabilities, to bring out the "superman/woman" inside us. Moreover, who can "define" what one's job duties are these days? Especially if it's team-work we're talking about, one thing leads to another, they are all connected. As a PR, you need to be a good coordinator, organiser, communicator, including but not limited to admin and operational duties. And you should! That's the only way for you to keep monitoring what's going on and happening next, rather then when things do go wrong you’re left in the dark without noticing and unaware of the situation. Whatever the problem, your role is to sort them out one by one, a "why me" attitude won't be able to help you or anyone out. You also have to understand what kind of world we're living in, there's only one thing for certain, and that is "change"! We can't stop this world from changing, we can only learn to cope with it, and learn to gain control and/or take charge of it, otherwise you won't succeed. You don't have the background? What are you referring to? I don't quite understand what you mean. Because interest and passion are all you'll ever need to succeed in whatever you do. Never the other way round! Don't let the "wall" in front of you stop you from going on, the wall is there to stop those who don't want it badly enough, and you're not one of them are you?


Posted Sunday 14th November 2010 04:24:00 PM


You should do an MBA or some studies on public relations. If you are an exact science person, then stay in science(a lot of times the job chooses you and not you choose the job).