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Still can't find a job after many interviews
Mow Mow
posted on Friday, 21 May 2010 12:32

Dear Career Doctor,

I am 29 now and have been working as a project,customer service engineer for 7 years in the manufacturing field and trading field. My education background sounds pretty poor. I only have a Engineering Hi-Dip from Local U and a BSC from a Australia University. I was being laid off at the end of 08 from a local manufacturing company, but I was still lucky at that time as I could still find a sales engineer job from a very famous trading Co.

I really did not think I am suitable to being a sales, thus I quit my job on last Sept and went to Australia with working holiday visa to try my luck there.

I came back to HK on end of Feb and I had around 8 interviews since then, unfortunately, all of these jobs are sales oriented job. I completely knew that I am not suitable to do sales job. I had to send CV to apply sales , since I found that there are not too many feedback from the manufacturing field and I think I do need to practice my interview skills, otherwise, I cannot perform well when there is any chance from the manufacturing field. After so many interviews, I am still jobless. I believe these companies interviewed me as they though I might lead customer to them from the famous trading Co I had worked for just 9 months in 2009. I have no ideas now, I did have 5 years china working experience and also 4 years in MNC, I used to think this experience is my advantage, but it is not true anymore. I am a bit exhausted by so many interviews and start to be negative about finding a job now. Should I only waiting for manufacturing job now or I should still send out my CV massively ?

Sorry about the grammatical mistake and hope you can read my letter with no problems.

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Posted Friday, 06 August 2010 08:54 PM

your situation is not that bad and still fit for the current market.

Career Doctor's picture
Career Doctor  
Posted Monday, 07 June 2010 08:27 PM

It would only come as a surprise if you told me you had succeeded in finding a job as you went interviewing for positions which you showed no enthusiasm or a keen interest in.

Your education background is poor? OK, let's say you're right about this, what have you done or tried to do to rectify the situation? You've got a degree and a diploma, how about those who have fewer qualifications than you – without a degree and a diploma?

You're completely sure that you're not suitable and you don't like sales jobs, and yet you've been applying and interviewing for sales jobs. What's your rationale behind this? Besides gaining interview experience, the chance for landing the position is quite low when your passion for the role is not evident to the interviewer. Your mainland & MNC experience is definitely still sellable and useful, otherwise why would 8 prospective employers have been willing to meet with you and interview you for their vacancies?

It's easy to loose faith, I know, having lost so many times in my life and career. But if you can't overcome and rebuild your confidence, act proactively and think positively, you'll never be able to find a way out.

"You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again." Benjamin Franklin

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Posted Monday, 24 May 2010 08:03 PM

"I had around 8 interviews since then, unfortunately, all of these jobs are sales oriented job."
Perhaps it is because you do not like those sales job but you still go to interviews and somehow shows signs of not wholeheartedly need the job. Try to be more devoted during the interviews

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Posted Friday, 21 May 2010 11:44 PM

The only thing you seems very poor is your confidence. You have been offered many interviews. It has already proved that your profile is not that bad.

You sense that your interview skills are not good enough. I think you need to tackle this problem. Otherwise, you will just fail again even you are offered a chance.

I have no idea about your industry. But you have been in this industry for so many years and observed the market for some months already in job-hunting. Is the market really so thin? Do you need to change your strategy or targets? Can you try something else other than manufacturing?

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