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Hi Doctor,

I’ve graduated for around 8 years and I had worked in 4 different companies with different business nature. My last job was ended by Oct 2009. During last few months, I was staying in my family business for assisting in review and reform of company structure/documentation system. Now, the process is nearly finished and I start to look for a new permanent job. My question is, when sending application, will it better/ worse to include that I have done in past few months? What will employer concern to hire someone with family business?

Many Thanks

Posted by Janet on Thursday, 08 Apr 2010

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Career Doctor

Posted Wednesday 21st April 2010 12:21:00 AM


Rather than worrying about how to explain your past few months gap helping your family out, I'm more concerned about your past - 4 different jobs in an 8 year employment history. It clearly indicated you're quite a versatile and smart person, it also clearly shows that you don't have a focus in your past 8 years of working history. What is it that you want to do now? You can simply tell future and prospective employers that you were helping your family business, nothing wrong with that at all. What you do next is crucial though. Don't start another job hopping cycle. Job after job, what have you accomplished? What have you achieved? Think and act carefully this time, OK?

Miss Education

Posted Friday 16th April 2010 06:35:00 PM


It is the practical experiences that count,I mean of course you have to state the experiences in CV. I cannot see any significant differences between 'family business' and the 'outside/private sector'. You mean to some extents you dealt with 'less politics' under a family-oriented environment? Please elaborate.