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Is overseas experience more important than actual job scope?
lost girl
posted on Sunday, 08 May 2011 01:41

Hi there,

I am working for the logistics industry. (US based) Recently i was asked by my boss to relocate to US for one or two year to support the China biz. as nice as it might seem, there is a lot of uncertainly, i know my job task in US is very simple - making contact with China customer directly (cos they don't speak our language), supporting local office colleagues... and no one knows what would i would become after two yrs. will there be a position for me? what grading and salary? it is all unknown. I am now a business development manager and my bf and i are planning to get marry. it is really a big decision for us. I feel like working aboard, i want to make my resume look attractive, however the level of my job in US is much lower than what i have here in HKG, i cant make decision( my boss told me I am there to support only). Here in HKG, i will do presentation and solution decide directly to client's director grading. I still have so much to work here and it is almost confirmed that i wont have my position back if i go to US (cos there is not much position for my position and would be filled after i left).

pls, is overseas experience ( purely personal not professional) really worth all the uncertainly and my current position which i love?

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Posted Saturday, 02 July 2011 07:55 AM

You need to look at this rationally. Also, objectively from the viewpoint of the company. Once you know how the company will go, you then need to ask yourself, do you want to stay with this company and the direction that it is going, or do you want to try and find something better out there now, or a different direction. Exposing yourself to different working culture and learning to speak in a global international style are important only to certain industries and roles. If your roles will be always on the commercial side, then this may be a benefit to your growth, but if you do not want to go down this route anyway, or if you prefer to work with SME, with a more hands-on multi-tasking kind of work, then exposing yourself so internationally is not that absolutely necessary.

If your HR is telling you that, they want to save your position and transfer you to the US for a few years, and then decide what to do with you, it means that they want to keep you and see you as a valuable resource. I will ask your HR if your current position is to be phased out slowly or not. Organisational changes happen all the time, as a company strategically places themselves in a competitive position and maintain profitable position.

Do not see this as a personal thing, and do not, definitely do not feel too strong a loyalty to a company, as this will make your decision so much harder. See it objectively and if this matches your own personal goals or not etc. If not, then try to find something else that matches your own personal plan. You do not necessarily have to be exposed to another working style, if it is NOT part of your own career path that you foresee for yourself.

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Career Doctor  
Posted Tuesday, 17 May 2011 05:18 PM

It doesn't appear to me that you're posting your question here to seek advice. Rather you're looking for assurance that your not accepting the transfer is the most rational and reasonable thing to do and decision to make. Sorry, but I don't buy that at all!

How could it be easy to start a new role in a new place? Dealing with people is the most crucial and yet most difficult part of the job, in fact, every job, not only yours!

You haven't even started yet you can already figure out what exactly the job will be like? The only way to guarantee any job/employment is to be able to contribute and prove one's value! Even if you're the CEO you still need to deal with ALL levels of staff and big or small clients. I really don't understand nor can comprehend your rationale behind this!

Whether or not you want to hear this I'll have to tell you, you're simply making excuses to convince yourself not to accept this change. If you don't want it, or like it, cause you don't want to leave your boyfriend behind, you are planning to get married, etc. etc. so be it! Tell the truth and stay true to yourself! And be sure to have the courage to explain it to your boss what you want and your concerns. Simple, isn't it? Why this big fuss?

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